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Reggie on the Issues



  • Essential HousingAffordability isn't the only issue. Without safe housing, nothing else is possible. Housing is essential. As your Council Member, I will work to ensure that members of the City have access to essential housing. It is a critical health and safety need in our City.

  • Well-Paying JobsThere is no reason that someone who works 40 hours a week should not be able to afford a roof over their head. As your Council Member, I will work to ensure the City is doing its part to foster an environment that doesn't just provide jobs - but good jobs.


  • Reduce CrimeCrime continues to be a plague on the City. We need to continue to address institutional problems and gang violence in our City, to create an alternative pathway for people my age to take.

  • Social JusticeOur city needs to address this issue everywhere in our City. As we recently saw with the Women of the Confederacy statute, we need to ensure our City is embracing equality for everyone.


  • InfrastructureUnder the last two council classes, District 8 has seen strong investment in district infrastructure, but there is still more to do. As your Council Member, I will continue to advocate and fight for critical infrastructure improvements throughout our district.


  • Renovating Our ParksAs Council Member, I would like to see the City invest in parks to modernize them, ensure they have adequate lighting and offer a safe space for the youth in our community.

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