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What makes 


Reginald Gaffney ,Jr.

the right fit for City Council?

                    “Coming from a family with a tradition of public service, Reginald Gaffney, Jr. feels the responsibility to                         make his own contribution to the City of Jacksonville.  Like his uncles Don and Johnny Gaffney, and                             his father Reginald Gaffney Sr., who previously held the council seat for District 7, Reginald has                                     always had a heart for serving.  As the current city council member for district 7, his deep                                                understanding of the issues and concerns that District 8 constituents face is derived from frequent                                discussions with Councilman Gaffney and countless conversations with district members during                                community meetings and meet ups.


                        Reginald, a Jacksonville native, graduated from Raines High School.  He earned his bachelor’s degree                          in Business Administration and Management from Florida A&M University, and his Master of                                        Business Administration (MBA) from University of Phoenix, Jacksonville Campus.


                    Reginald has been employed at Community Rehabilitation Center (CRC) for 14 years, and his hard work                     and determination has earned him the position of Vice President.  Reginald oversees three of CRC’s                              behavioral health facilities where the focus is on making lives whole for nearly 300 individuals with                                      mental health diagnoses. Under Reginald’s guidance CRC distributes over 6000 meals and snacks                                      every month in its Soup Kitchen, and serves hundreds of needy families at CRC’s weekly food                                         giveaway.


                                        Reginald is a business-minded, solutions-oriented candidate who seeks to build authentic                                             relationships with those he encounters.  Reginald has spent many years as a field manager                                            for various political campaigns, participates in community initiatives, and has worked as a                                            volunteer at the Trinity Rescue Mission.  He is known for his support to entrepreneurs                                                     seeking to start their businesses.


                                           In announcing his candidacy for City Council District 8 Reginald said, “We are facing a                                                    dramatically changing world.  The Coronavirus Pandemic has fundamentally changed our                                                economy, and how we live and interact with one another.  Affordable Housing, Economic                                                 Development and Well Paying Jobs, Crime Reduction and Safety, Infrastructure, Social                                                   Justice, Education, and Food Insecurity, are just some of the issues and concerns that                                                   have been shared with me while attending community meetings, and when meeting up                                                     with constituents of District 8.  These issues, of course, predate the pandemic.                                                                  Unfortunately, they have been further exacerbated by the pandemic.   My vision for                                                          District 8 is to help build a safe community with economic vitality and sustainability                                                          in spite of the many obstacles we have and will face.””

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